The home of digital sports

SportsLabs’ goal is ambitious – to become The Home of Digital Sports. Not just running the digital experiences for top sports brands, but helping owners and rights-holders build extremely fast-growing and successful digital businesses. Our partners are viewed as the leaders, and often pioneers, in the digital sports space.

Since inception, SportsLabs has been building and investing into its Advanced Media Platform (AMP) that serves the largest and most prestigious of sports entities and serves as the foundation for some of the fastest-growing digital sports businesses in the industry.

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SportsLabs has built digital experiences for fans on every meaningful platform and device (responsive web sites to mobile applications to connected TV experiences). We take sports brands and content to where fans and sports audiences live.

AMP for sports

SportsLabs proprietary platform is in its third generation and is now handling thousands of live multimedia events and
powering hundreds of digital products. AMP for Sports v3.0 is the most flexible and reliable platform in the industry and
underpins top-rated digital sports experiences.


Our team is handpicked from leaders in the digital space. A development team of senior architects and engineers
complement the deep digital business experience of the leadership team. This team is like no other in digital sports –
they not only know how to build great products, but they know how to attract, engage and keep fans. The result is a
proven model for building and growing successful digital businesses.