Silver Chalice Ventures (“SCV”) builds and operates a fast-growing portfolio of high-value digital media businesses in the fields of sports and entertainment.


Our management and broader executive teams have been identified and recruited from across the industry, prioritizing successful track records in the fastest growing segments of digital media such as mobile and other advanced platforms, made-for-digital video, and digital media sales.


Launched in January 2009, we carefully have grown our brand, reputation, and operations one step at a time, striding to position SCV as the premier company in our field through senior level client relationships and partnerships. 


In a few short years, we have made significant initial strides towards building SCV into a next generation media power, designing and launching businesses that individually and collectively work to provide capabilities, critical in generating revenue growth and asset value across the digital landscape, including Silver Chalice Digital Network and SportsLabs


Overall, SCV has selectively positioned our businesses in dynamic markets, each armed with the executives, relationships, and client base to generate significant value for our clients and partners.